The roof trust acts just as a bypass. In order to bear the load of slanted roof, the truss must be made quite strong. It should be made in a way so as to give support to the roof horizontally and vertically as well.

Trusses are incredibly strong. The biggest enemy of roof truss is water. This may damage the trusses and the roof in turn. Thanks to some incredible, yet simple technology it is now possible to replace sections of trusses.

Measure the truss area to be repaired. Roof trusses come in all shapes and sizes to suit almost every single design of roof. Find the one that suits to your existing trusses. Make sure, you but the one that measures the width of the truss under repair. For this, measure the width of the truss as these are available in sizes of 2 by 6 that is 5.5 inches and 2 by 8 that is 7.5 inches.

Using a circular saw cut two lumber of, each 4 foot long. These are basically the patches that are to be placed on either side of the damaged roof truss.

Having placed the patches, these must be joined together to support the broader side of the broken truss. Then, erect a 4 feet long board in a way that part of the patch is resting on both the sides of the broken area. We must see that the broken part lies in the middle of the patch.

Both these patches should then be fixed with the help of wood screws. For proper alignment of the truss, we may seek the assistance of another person who can put pressure and bring the truss in place.

Similar to this, place the other patch. While placing, make sure that the flat side of first and the second patch should be in line. Hold them on the roofs with the wood screws. This way, the roof truss will regain its strength with the repairs.

While repairing the roof truss, we must take every care in the use of circular saw. A little carelessness may cause us injuries. If, we are not fully aware with the techniques of roofing, we should always take the help of a professional roofer.

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