Tired of waiting for your mirror to defog when you crawl out of the shower? Tired of having to wait to put your make up on or shave? Here are 15 tips for defogging your shower mirrors.

1. Fog Proof Mirrors
Replace your existing mirrors with fog proof mirrors which are made from fog proof glass. They are perfect while you are in the shower and they never fog up no matter how much steam in the room.
2. Hair Dryer
If you want to defog quickly use your hair dryer. It will get rid of the steam in less than 15 seconds.
3. Anti Fog Cleaners
These are different types of glass cleaners that claim to have defogging ingredients. Some work better than others so try small bottles first until you find one you like.
4. Shaving Cream
This is a very cheap way to defog your mirror. Just apply shaving cream to the entire mirror then rub in well some shaving cream all over your clean mirror, and wipe off with a dry cloth. It lasts about 3 weeks.
5. Candles
Place a lit candle near your mirror about 10 minutes before you hop into the shower. When you shut the shower off and open the bathroom door or a window just a hair the mirror instantly clears.
6. Dawn
Apply Dawn dishwashing detergent all over the mirror then buff it clean. Nice cheap solution.
7. Fog-X
This is a chemical that you apply to the entire mirror and you won’t have to worry about fog again. It’s cheap and reliable.
8. Liquid Soap
Take liquid soap and mix with water and apply to the mirror. Don’t wipe off just let dry. It lasts for about a week.
9. Fan
A small fan left running while you shower will ensure your mirrors don’t fog up. Use your bathroom fan or add an additional fan.
10. Vaseline
Smear Vaseline over the entire mirror. Let it sit on the mirror for one minute and then wipe off with paper towel. The next time you shower you’ll find your mirror stays nice and clear. This simple fix lasts about a month.
11. Towel
Hang a towel over your mirror while you shower. When you are done showering remove the towel and your mirror will be clear.
12. Shampoo
Put a small amount of shampoo on the paper towel and then cove the entire mirror. Take a clean paper towel and dry the mirror. This works for about a week.
13. Rubbing Alcohol
On a clean mirror apply rubbing alcohol and then wipe off. You won’t have to worry about fogging again.
14. Open The Door
After you get out of the shower just open the bathroom door just a crack.
15. Open The Window
Leave the window open just a crack while you shower. You’ll crawl out of the shower to nice clean shower mirrors.

Your shower mirror won’t do you a lot of good if it’s all fogged up. But any one of these 15 tips will leave your bathroom mirrors nice a clear and useable.

Joanne is an author of Decorz.com. If you’re looking for more mirrors decor ideas for your home visit http://www.decorz.com.

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