The LED systems you see in stores and over the Internet are expensive. In reality, making your own may only cost as much as $20 for a large system. The only thing is that it can be hard to create your own, especially if you don’t have any prior experience with electronics.

There will be some parts that you will need in order to make the system a reality. The most expensive is likely going to be the power supply. Don’t skimp out on the power supply cost, since cheap ones don’t really last long. You will also need LED lights, wire, and some electronics items such as a transistor and a few resistors for the circuit.

LED Light

The planning process will require that you have graph paper and some knowledge on how electronics work. You need to create a circuit that puts the LED lights in parallel with a resistor, or combination of resistors, in order to keep the current at a safe level. You will also need to use a transistor to create a button that will control the on and off state for the system, as well as the actual button itself. Solder is also a necessary component.

You can do two things once you go to the building step. You can get a solderless board and use it, or you can test your design on this board and then build a real circuit board. If you want the easiest solution, and don’t mind that your circuit is going to be flimsy, the solderless board is fine. Otherwise you will need to build your own circuit with solder to make a more durable circuit.

The next step is to consider which form of installation you plan on using. You could fix the board inside of the plastic tub purchased earlier, so that you have a directional light that doesn’t interfere with other parts of your room. You can also skip this step and instead have the LED circuit illuminate the entire area, which is great if the room is closed off and only used for indoor gardening.

Improving your design is the next step if you think you didn’t do such a great job the first time around. Odds are you will need more than one lighting system, so you will probably be created a few of these circuits. After your first circuit you should test it out for several days, note any additions to make, and then work on the next upgrade.

Closing Comments

The whole process is going to be long and hard if you don’t have prior experience. It is probably worth the money to go and buy the LED growth systems directly from a retailer. They have features you can’t implement, and they are also fairly cheap.

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