It’s very easy to build a bedroom cupboard once you’ve got all the templates you need, tools you need and materials. There are some tricks you will need to learn to make this process easier though. I’m going to let you in on all the things that made building bedroom cupboards hard for me so you don’t have to make the same mistakes and if you do you’ll know how to solve them.

So let’s say that you’ve already bought all of your materials and hardware like your screws, hinges, PVC adjustable legs and oval tubes. I would also think that you would’ve bought either ready to assemble bedroom cupboards or that you cut all the part out of a melamine board and had it edged.

Bedroom Cupboards

All good? Let’s begin. Now you need to assemble the cupboards. The holes for the chipboard screws need to be drilled 8mm away from the edge of the side. This is so that it screws into the middle of the bottom or top. Remember that the thickness of the bottom and top is 16mm.

Them you will have to assemble the bedroom cupboard by fixing the tops and bottoms to the sides. The 6×40 chipboard screw is one of the strongest screws to use. If you want the side to line up in front with the tops and bottoms effortlessly you can place them on a piece of chipboard. A great tool that also makes life very easy is the nail gun. You will still have to use a 6×40 screw to fix the cupboard pieces together as the nail isn’t strong enough.

When you’ve put the bedroom cupboard together and nailed the backboard onto it you can start working on the shelf nail template. If your cupboard has 4 shelves you there will be 5 spaces between them. If your bedroom cupboard has a height of 2200mm the internal height will be 2168mm. Why? Because the bottom and the top is 16mm thick. Four shelves will give you a total of 68mm to subtract from the internal height (2168mm) of the bedroom cupboards. After you’ve subtracted the 68mm from the 2168mm you have to divide it by five to get even spaces of 420mm between the shelves.

Now take a piece of melamine chipboard 2100mmx100mm long and make a mark 420mm apart in the middle of the chipboard piece until you have 4 marks on the template. Now take a 6×40 chipboard screw and screw it in on that mark so that it goes through the chipboard by 3mm or so. Take the shelf nail template and place it on the bottom of the bedroom cupboard against the side and plush with the front of the side. Now take a hammer and knock the template against the side of the cupboard so that the screws make marks on the cupboard’s sides. Follow this step to make marks for all four corners of shelf nails.

Now all that’s left to do is to hang the doors. To force the hinges to go straight when you fix them to the cupboard you will have to use a long straight plank and place it across the doors so that it pushes up against all the hinges. Once they are perfectly straight and lined up you can fix them to the doors.

And that’s how easy it is to build a bedroom cupboard. Hope you enjoyed the article and all the best with your bedroom cupboard project.

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