Almost everyone enjoys the Christmas festive season. It is a time when we can feel happy even though it may be cold and dark outside. The festival is not the same without the installation of various beautiful lights and decorations. Today many people are concerned about the rising cost of energy bills, to help alleviate this problem it is now possible to install solar Christmas lights. These have become very popular over the last few years and are now being bought by many families up and down the country.

In appearance they look like ordinary Christmas lights. The difference is that they have a controller board that contains a battery linked to solar cells. From this the power is transmitted to each of the bulbs.

You may think that in winter time the sun is not strong enough to create enough energy to power even a small light but this is not true. Modern solar cells are very efficient even on an overcast day and as they transfer the energy to a battery you will have enough power even during the darkest nights.

There is another benefit to be had from using solar lighting apart from the financial savings. This is the knowledge that they are environmentally friendly; no fossil fuel will be burnt to power them.

Solar Christmas lights can be had in as many different varieties as ordinary Christmas lights. They come in many sizes, colors, designs, and styles. You can buy those that will be continuously on, or others that will twinkle like stars. The controller board will have settings on which you can fix the time that they will switch themselves on and turn themselves off.

Solar Christmas lights are safe to be used both indoors and out, and in any weather. You can place them on Christmas trees, guttering, porches, and throughout the garden. If you are going to put them inside your house then you must remember to place the solar cells outside! Also they can be used for other events apart from just Christmas. When you are hosting a birthday part or anniversary party they can make excellent decorations.

There are two main types of solar Christmas lights. There are the rope lights that have a row of LEDs contained in a transparent plastic tube, these look delightful when hanging from a door frame or window. The other option is string lights; these are better suited for trees and walls. All can add to a beautiful display that improves your Christmas experience.

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